Timneh African Grey Parrots

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Timneh African Grey Parrots for Sale

All Timneh African Grey ParrotsĀ are extremely intelligent. They will watch, and observe everything in the house they live in. African greys are also known to be mischievous, a quality some pet birds use to play pranks on their owners.


Timneh African Greys are smaller than the Congo African Greys. They grow to 10 inches. They have grey feathers with white accents. Their belly is a lighter grey and fades into an almost white towards the tail. Their tail is not bright red like a Congo but is a darker maroon. Their beaks are also an off white or horn color, and they have a slightly lighter black colored feet then a Congo African Grey.

Timneh African Greys are amazing and intelligent parrots. They are considered the smartest of the parrot family, and the best talkers. Due to this though there are certain behaviors that African Greys are prone to if not handled, and trained correctly. The will quickly turn to neurotic behaviors, and self-mutilation if not given a good amount of mental stimulation. When not well socialized they are also known to become biters. Also if not given enough socialization they will very quickly turn into a “one person” bird which is very hard to break them of.

Timen African Greys normally live 50 to 65 years but are now know to live much longer due to better diets and care that’s now available. Thought, and consideration should go into the purchasing of a companion bird because these are lifetime companions.


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