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Harlequin Macaws are a cross between a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Green-winged Macaw which makes for a very affectionate. Their sociability and even temperaments make them great pets, and their intelligence, willingness to learn, and talking ability only help make them more precious in the eyes of bird lovers. Harlequin macaw, like most parrots, thrives on attention from its owner and will form a strong bond with its family members. Harlequin macaw for sale

The harlequin macaw is a beautiful hybrid parrot that makes an excellent pet for the right person. This full-sized macaw tends to do well with families because the birds thrive on socialization. They are also very good talkers, friendly, and have rather amusing personalities. Harlequin macaw for sale

The Harlequin is also crossed with other true and hybrid macaws to produce second-generation hybrids. Among the most common that have the harlequin’s genes are: Buy Harlequin macaw

Size of Harlequin macaws

Harlequin macaws are large birds that typically reach lengths between 35 and 40 inches from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers. A healthy weight is between 2 and 3 1/2 pounds.

How do you teach a Macaw to talk?
Method 1 Teaching Your Macaw to Imitate You
Choose a simple word.
Say the word frequently and clearly.
Give your friend a treat as soon as it makes a sound.
Keep repeating the process and rewarding your macaw.
Move on to a new word.
Try associating words with actions or objects.


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