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Calico Parrot For Sale

Calico Macaws. is an expansive first era half and half macaw that is delightfully shaded, exceptionally friendly, wise, and energetic. This perfect infant has a Greenwing macaw mother and a Military macaw father. Calico children have heaps of vitality from the Military side and the sweetness and stature from the Greenwing. this is a DNA male, and he is prepared to go home at this point. He adores having his head rubbed.  We have many Calico Macaw for sale DNA Male and female  comes with toys and accessories

Measured – Weight: 

A full measured macaw like the Green-Winged macaw, they can get more than 2 lbs. Lengths up to 90 cm (35.5 inches)

Calico Macaw is a good mix for a pet bird, a hybrid parrot that is very attractive. With the intelligence and temperament of its parents, it should also be quite trainable, learn to talk and do tricks, and have an amiable nature. As with all macaws, they will require good socialization and consistent training to make good pets.


Calico Macaws mingle and bond intimately with one individual, however, do well in a family circumstance too. They are a run of the mill macaw and can be irritable now and again. To have a balanced fowl that appreciates increasingly that one individual, ensure it is all around associated with bunches of people. See About Macaws: Social Behaviors for data on building up a balanced inviting macaw. (Likewise data on taking care of and exercises)


This is a half breed and it uses to be that they were commonly not reared, in any case, the reproducing of cross breeds is winding up more typical. See About Macaws: Macaw Breeding, Bird Reproduction – Baby Macaws for data on rearing macaws.


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