Macaws For Sale


Macaws are brightly colored long-tailed birds they are some of the most spectacular parrots in the world. They are Seventeen different breeds of macaws in the world today. We Hand raised and Tamed most of the most popular breeds to keep as pets including Harlequin Macaw, Green Wing Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw, Scarlet macaw, Catalina Macaw, Calico Macaw. Macaws for sale

Mini Macaws including Hahns Macaw, Severe Macaw.

Compared to other Bird breeds, macaws display much more even temperaments. They are naturally curious and love to explore and play with their environment. Some macaws are even known to have a bit of a sense of humor, playing small practical jokes to get a reaction from their owners. Buy macaws online

Average Lifespan

Macaws can live between 30 to 70 years of age and older, depending on the breed.


Macaws are social and need plenty of time outside their cages each day. If they receive enough human attention, they can start to display destructive and loud behavior. They also require constant supervision, as they love to chew paper and wood items, such as furniture and books.

When they are comfortable with you, macaws can be as affectionate as cockatoos. However, this affection is limited to a select few they know and trust and is not given to strangers.

Macaw Colors and Markings

There are several species of macaws in the wild but the ones most commonly seen in the pet trade are large colorful macaws. Scarlet macaws, blue and gold macaws, military macaws, and hyacinth macaws are common pet macaws because of their colorful feathers. Mini macaws are harder to find but include species such as Hahn’s, noble, and yellow collared macaws. Most pet macaws are bred for the pet trade, which means they are likely to bond quickly with their human friends. Macaws for sale

Caring for the Macaw

Start with pelleted food as the basis for your macaw’s diet and then supplement it with a wide range of healthy fresh foods like grains, vegetables, fruits, and the rest of the diet should be fresh healthy foods. Nuts should be reserved as a treat.
Macaws are not recommended for apartments or attached housing, as they are very vocal birds that love to sing. On any given day, you can expect macaws to squawk and sing several times a day for five to ten minutes at a time. This behavior is natural and it is recommended to not try and discourage it, as it generally causes it to increase.